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How much sun do my Vegetables really need?
Vegetables prefer a full day of sun, but if you live in a shady suburb you don't have to give up the idea of growing vegetables. Here are some minimum sunlight requirements:
1. Fruiting Vegetables - 8 hours of sun This includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and vine crops such as cucumbers, melons, and squash.
2. Root Vegetables - 6 hours of sun Carrots, beets, etc.
3. Leafy Vegetables - 4 hours of sun These are your "greens" such as lettuce, spinach and collards.
*Even though your vegetables may get enough light when planted near a tree, they will not get enough nourishment and water. Vegetables can't compete with an established tree for essential nutrients and moisture
What about planting trees, plants and shrubs?
If you're planting new trees and shrubs this spring, don't spoil them by enriching the soil with organic matter. A hole full of compost and soft organic matter is a comfortable area for the roots, and they aren't likely to spread into the surrounding soil. If the roots don't anchor themselves firmly by spreading, the plant is likely to be toppled by strong winds. Here are a few other tips on planting trees and shrubs:
1. Labels attached to your plant by wires can girdle the branch, so remove them when you plant.
2. Set the tree in the soil at the same level that it grew in the nursery. Look for a dark mark on the trunk that indicates the depth.
3. To protect the trunk from sunscald, rodents, and lawnmower nicks, use a tree wrap from soil level to the lowest branch.
4. If you use mulch, don't allow it to touch the trunk of the tree.
5. Check your plant from all angles to see that it is sitting straight before filling the hole.
6. Stakes often cause more damage than they prevent, so use them only when planting in a windy, unprotected area, or if you are planting a top-heavy tree. If you use a stake, leave an inch or two of slack in the wire and cover the part that encircles the tree with a protective covering.
What are some other helpful sites to help me with my garden?
Garden Guides : A wealth of gardening information and resources including articles by top garden writers, seasonal tips and advice, and more..
Garden Web : Garden Web is the largest gardening site on the Web, with garden forums, articles on gardening, directories of nurseries, and more.
The Backyard Gardener : A one stop informational site to help people understand their gardening needs. It provides gardening plans and plant lists to enhance your gardening knowledge.
How often should I fertilize?
A good rule of thumb is to fertilize every 2 weeks.
What is the difference between annuals and perennials?
A good hint to remember is "P" is permanent. Perennials come back every year. Annuals are seasonal and sometimes reseed themselves.
Do you carry everything I need to start a backyard garden?
Kelly's has a complete line of products for your home garden. We have starter plants, seeds, fertilizer and foods, soil and tools and much more. Stop in or call us for anything you need.